From Writing to Publishing

I’ve just spent the better part of the afternoon nose deep in the 95th Annual Edition of Writer’s Market 2016. My brain slowly started to fog over as I carefully dissected each Book Publisher listing that I felt I could eventually submit to. Two hours later, and I’m still in the mid B’s with 26 possible Publishers who may or may not be willing to take me on as an author.

Personally, I decided to skip finding a Literary Agent, for a few reasons. Firstly, I wanted to take the opportunity and really get to know the Writer’s Market. What better way to get to know your options than when you sludge through almost a thousand pages of current listings for book publishers, magazines and contests. Secondly, I wanted to keep as much royalties for myself as possible. Agents, while they have the expertise, I have the determination to learn and to work for myself. I already have fiction and poetry content to submit, and I have also proven to myself that I can write an assortment of nonfiction topics for clients online. So my goal was to make a list of Publishers that I may be able to query, either for the content I already have written, or to simply get ideas for future nonfiction proposals.

So this will be my journey from becoming an everyday ordinary writer, to a published author. I will be published, there is no question about it. Once you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything, I’ve always believed that. Persistence and faith in your abilities will always come through in the end.


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