Poetry Submissions

With all the research I’ve been doing lately, I’ve realized that I’ve missed out on so much in the poetry world. Poetry has been a constant companion for me throughout my life. Even as a young teen, I found myself drawn to putting words together in different ways.

Reading through the Writers Market (still only at the C’s in the Publishers listings) I’m shocked at just how many publishers accept poetry, or who run annual poetry contests or who accept only poetry. I have literally hundreds of poems tucked away, possibly about 100 of them up on Wattpad, and I have never really considered trying to get an MS out of all of them.

So that has been my focus for the last day. I aim to go through all my poems today and pick out the ones I like the best, and then try to group them together in such a way that they flow nicely as a collection. Perhaps have different sections for each similar theme. Love, heartache, world issues, fun, humour, dark; I’ll have to see what I can come up with as I sift through them.

If anyone reading knows of any poetry contests currently running, please leave me a comment! It would have to be something International or Canadian though. Thanks in advance!

(Oh look! I found this list from the University of Calgary listing some Canadian journals that accept submissions for single poems. Hey, it’s a start! Check them out here:

Poetry Submission Opportunities (Canada)


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