Zombie Fantasy

I love zombies. I’ve seen all the original movies and remakes and get pure enjoyment from seeing decaying skin ripped off people’s bones. But old Norse zombies are where it’s at.

I love fantasy. I love magic and where it can take you. I love beasts and all kinds of creatures of the night.

So I decided to incorporate them both into my first fantasy fiction series The Primordials. In book one, Valterra, you meet Avos, a sheltered farm boy who is oblivious to any of the world’s unearthly dangers. He meets Chancellor Marcus Thane, who introduces him to the world unseen; witches, elves, fairies, demons, and yes, even the undead.

It takes places generations after The Shattering, a cataclysmic battle between the Factions of Light and Dark, which left most of Valterra’s civilization obliterated. Now the End of All looms as the Great Dark disrupts the elemental balance of nature once again.

Avos struggles to accept his new found fate, while discovering new friends and developing new relationships, all the while preparing for the precipice of the campaign against the Light.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter One:

“Afternoon, Avos.” His mother greeted him as he entered the stables, shaking off his wet cloak. She was brushing down the golden red beauty, Chariot, Avos’s mare of choice between the two they owned. “You know I don’t like seeing you sopping wet. You’re going to catch your death.” Avos stood before her drenched to the bone. His clothes smelled like wet fur and his long brown hair was matted against his cheeks. His mother sighed and tugged him closer to her, motioning him to give her his cloak.

“I know Ma, just trying to make heads or tails of this rain.” Avos removed and then handed her his cloak.

“Get inside and dry off. The sheep are fine and won’t need the likes of you until the rain lets up.” She waved him towards the back gate. She hung up his cloak by the small fire she’d started to keep the moisture out of the stables and continued brushing Chariot.

“Ok Ma, but, doesn’t it seem like it’s never gonna let up? What is this, the fourth storm this week?”

“Aye, rain is rain.” She rubbed Chariot’s nose, not really wanting to talk about the weather.

“It wasn’t just the rain, Ma, I thought I saw..”

“You saw what? What did you see?” Avos thought she suddenly seemed too interested in what he saw. He was uncertain of what it was himself.

Avos shrugged. “Just the lightning, it… it was nothing. I’ll be inside.” He turned and took his leave. There was no sense bringing his fears up to his mother. Rain is rain, he felt childish that he was anything but thankful for it. The lightning could have been some sort of natural phenomenon he’d yet to learn about.

His mother stopped brushing the mare and watched him pass as he left. Her gaze stayed on him until the last bit of his sleeve was around the corner and out of sight. She had noticed him through the stable gateway as he watched the storm roll in. She sighed. There was a reason why Avos reacted to the storm the way he did and she knew it. She hoped bringing him here from Endure would keep his true nature at bay. It had worked for the last sixteen years. If the time came, she prayed he’d understand why they had to keep it from him. For now, she continued on as if nothing was out of the ordinary, as she always had. All his life she watched him stare into the darkening skies and wished now that there would be one, maybe two years yet before he must leave the estate. She pleaded with the Light, ‘not yet, don’t take my baby yet.’

I hope you can join me on Wattpad and read the rest of the story here: VALTERRA


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