Still Aches

My heart still aches

it breaks for you

but you’re long gone


bottled up and beat down

gasping at the freedom

you left behind

yet your light still shines

warms my face

my cheeks

lifts my chin

pounds in my ears

memorialized for life




suicidal thoughts

Is this your pedestal?

your legacy?

what you wanted to leave behind?

Not your Crooked Steps

or those days you tried to live?

From your Eyelid’s Mouth

to A Thousand Days Before

you walked through

to the Superunknown

with your Pretty Noose

like a Spoonman who

Fell on Black Days.

Its hard not to see your tears


because we all have them

everyone has something to hide

but you

now you’re Beyond the Wheel

of time

of life

of love

of death

One Minute of Silence isn’t going to cut it.


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