Return of the Eves 

On the day the Eves returned, claiming Earth was theirs by birthright, they announced they’d mixed their DNA with our ape ancestors to make us. They were the missing link in our evolutionary history and their experiment had passed the point of observation.

It was easy enough for them to disable all our weapons systems, their massive EMPs grounded us, their magics flushed us out. There was no hiding from them.

But the takeover wasn’t what I expected. I expected extinction, yet only those who violently opposed them were killed. They said most of us held some sort of value, something we could offer in return for our lives.

The cooperators spent a few weeks in darkness, no light except the sun and the fires we burnt at night. Some of us sat in our homes and waited. Others looted, stealing what supplies they could for ‘the end of the world’.

One morning, I woke with the sensation of something in my veins, a delicate vibration trying to move through me. I thought perhaps I was dying. I thought maybe they’d poisoned us somehow in our sleep. Then a soft light beneath my skin began to glow, pulsating brighter with every heartbeat as if my blood turned bioluminescent.

It suddenly became clear; their magic was now our own.



Featured image titled Dark Elf by Magdalena Dadela, a 3D sculptor from Montreal, Quebec. Very cool portfolio, you should check out her other work.


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