Yesterdays Tomorrow

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I think you’d like this story: “Yesterdays Tomorrow” by ktflynn on Wattpad


Pretty in Pink

January 6, 1996

Hello. I feel great! I got back from Guelph last night. Me and Anne left on Wednesday afternoon to see her sister off at the airport. She’s going to England for four months! I would have been stoked, but she was so sad, Anne was crying, her sister and her friend Cheryl were all crying. It was awkward! I was like, you’ll have such an awesome time! Go get em! And no, not happy people everywhere.

Anyway, our last day there we totally shopped! I got so much stuff. A whole bag of shirts, a coat, purse, earrings, beads, perfume oil, incense, the Pretty in Pink soundtrack for $1, a Jane’s cd for $4. I stole some of the small things. I had so much fun. I even almost got a tattoo. I was so close, I had the money, we called to go there but there were no appointments for that day! I was like, shit. Oh well, when I got home I called Dave and woke him up. He’s so cute.

Ok first, stealing is bad. I would never steal now. I did shoplift here and there when I was a teenager. I’m not sure why, well… probably because I was totally broke, and I guess it was kind of exhilarating… at least the getting-away-with-it part. Now I usually have money to buy stuff. Well, not all the time, I think I have 9 dollars in my account right now, lol. But I have a credit card, so no worries.. right? I’m kinda shocked that I stole with Anne here, because I remember when we were younger, in grade 8, she got caught stealing and she was grounded from going to see Madonna. We had tickets to see the Blonde Ambition tour and Anne ended up getting caught shoplifting at the mall and her dad’s punishment was to ban her from the concert. It was devastating! You don’t realize how much we loved her and could not wait to see her. We even got perms and sprayed our hair with Sun-in to look more like her in the Express Yourself video. Oh, we were funny. But yeah, so I’m surprised I did this, maybe Anne didn’t know I did it. I really don’t remember. I do remember the thrift store we shopped at, it was kickass.

Not much else going on in the post besides the reference to one of my favourite John Hughes movies, Pretty in Pink. I loved that movie so much. I think I have it on DVD, unopened, at home right now, I may have to pull it out and watch it tonight. I was so in love with Blaine and always felt so bad for Duckie. 

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A Total Nightmare

September 5, 1993

Dear Diary,

Okay, so the show was a total nightmare.

At first it was cool, I crimped my hair and really looked the rocker girl part. I wore red lipstick, black eye-liner, my favourite maroon and purple plaid shirt, black jeans and my 8-hole burgundy docs. I was stylin.

We all met at Min’s before the show because she was driving. We knew we wouldn’t be able to buy any alcohol at the bar, so we did a bit of pre-drinking. I brought a bottle of vodka over from my mom’s stash and Min’s parents always have liquor in their basement fridge. They picked some sort of peach schnapps that smelled absolutely horrid to me. I stuck with vodka and orange juice. I only made one drink though, I was sort of feeling a bit gross, I think it was just my nerves.

So we get there and the place is dead. We realize we are super early and Mark’s band is just setting up on stage. It was 8 o’clock, but the show didn’t start until 9pm. We thought there would at least be some people there already. Though I was kinda glad I got to see the sound check. It was funny listening to them check all the mics and guitars.

We played video games for awhile. They had a little arcade off to the side of the bar. We played Mortal Combat II. I kicked everyone’s ass, obviously.

By 8:45 people started showing up. Mark asked us to sit at the door and get cover from everyone. We did it for like 10 minutes before the bartender guy said we were too young to be sitting there. Some of the older guys in one of the other bands took over for us.

At 9:30, Brain Stem still hadn’t played, but they were about to. We got a table closest to the stage but towards the right hand side. There was an area left clear, like a dance floor, right in-front of the stage for people who wanted to mosh or dance or whatever. No one was standing there, people were all sitting down or standing around the bar at the back or by the pool tables.

There had been no sign of Dylan or his friends. I was a bit disappointed but I didn’t let it bother me. I was having fun.

In an instant, my good time transformed into agonizing torture. I saw Casey first. As soon as I saw him, my heart dropped. My hands starting shaking and I turned around and stared at the stage, refusing to look behind me. I leaned over to Min.

“Please don’t tell me that asshole just walked in the door.” Min looked back and scanned the bar. She frowned and put her hand on my shoulder.

“We’ll keep you safe. Don’t even worry about it. He won’t try to come and talk to you. If he does, we’re here.”

Then Parker comes back from the wash room and sits next to me. “Dylan and his friends are here, but they are with other chicks.”

That made me swing my head around. God, no! I thought. How is this happening??

First of all, asshole showing up completely infuriated me. Not only would he be smart enough to know that I’d be there, he was dumb enough to think that I would actually want to see him. Just looking at the back of his head while he stood around the pool tables was enough to send me into hysterics.

Then I see Dylan. He’s with Chris and Rog and three other girls. They were super pretty, and all done up in clubbing outfits. For the type of show they were at, they sort of stood out. They walked up to the bar and stood waiting for the bartender to take their order. That’s when Dylan and I made eye contact.

I could tell right away that he didn’t want me coming over to him. He half smiled and me and then looked at his girlfriend to make sure she wasn’t looking and then he quickly raised his hand to wave. Like, what the fuck?

Are all guys complete assholes? Or just the ones I happen to like?

He looked all shifty. When they got their drinks, I could tell he was looking for somewhere to sit that wasn’t near us.

I look over at the other asshole and he is now completely staring me down. The look of intensity on his face was actually jarring. I held his gaze for only a moment until I gave him the finger. He rolled his eyes and turned away, shaking his head.

I look back over and Dylan and he apparently witnessed the whole exchange. He sort of scrunched up his lips and mouthed “sorry” to me.

“Let’s sit up front! I want to be close.” One of the girls he was with said. I didn’t think it was his girlfriend. She was sort of thin and lanky, but had a gentle face. His girlfriend, although very pretty, looked like she took no shit from anyone. The way her eyes scanned the crowd and she looked like she was ready to throw down with anyone who starred at her the wrong way. He hair was really curly and long, and it looked like she lightened it a rusty red colour.

“Nah, let’s sit farther back, it’ll be too loud.” I heard Dylan say.

Yeah that’s right fucker. Steer clear.

“Loud is good fool!” The two girls giggled but his girlfriend just smirked and walked over to the table that was directly behind us.

Mark’s band started to play. They opened with a cover by Screaming Trees. I was so pissed off, I couldn’t even enjoy it and I really like that song. I just sat there, refusing to look behind me. I stared and watched Mark sing and Dave play the guitar. I zoned out on Rico playing the drums. I tapped my foot.

They played a couple of their own songs next. They were catchy, but I don’t really remember the titles. When they broke into Killing in the Name by RATM the girls Dylan and his friends were with got up and starting jumping around on the stage and dancing. Other people got up too and some of the guys started moshing. The girls were trying to mosh, I could hear Dylan and his friends laughing at them. I turned around to peak and Dylan looked over at me. He was a knock-out.

The way he was laughing and smiling, he looked so god damn gorgeous. He shook his head at me like he was saying he couldn’t believe he was there with those girls. I couldn’t help but smile back. When the song was over, the girls didn’t return right to their table. They must have decided to go to the bathroom.

“Sadie!” I heard him call my name, but I pretended I didn’t. “Sadie!” Ugh.

I turn around and and stare at him.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t think she would want to come. I tried to have a guys night, but they just sort of tagged along.”

“You don’t owe me an explanation, you can do whatever you want. I’m glad you guys came.” I falshed a fake smile and turned back around.

“Sadie!” Min, being the true friend she is, starts whispering in my ear.

“Hey, I’m whispering in your ear to make it seem like I have something really funny to say about Dylan. Start laughing.” She starts laughing, which makes me laugh. I look over at Dylan who has a defeated look on his face.

“Sadie!” He yells anyway.

“What?!” I turn around and just as I do, his girlfriend walks up right behind him. She looks at me with a scowl and then crosses her arms and looks down at Dylan. He eyes are bulging out of his head.

“Who’s this? You know her?”

“Yeah, she was the one who invited us.”

“Oh really.” Now I get the death stare.

“Why you invite him? You know him?” She has to practically yell this because Mark’s band is still playing on stage.

Now it’s my turn for my eyes to bulge. I open my mouth to say something and before I do, Rog opens his big fat mouth and blurts out, “they used to date!”

Dylan has now lowered his head but is actually still smiling and I’m sitting there panicking, not knowing if this girl is going to jump me or what.

“You used to date that?” She looks me up and down like I’m some disgusting creature from outer space. I open my mouth wider thinking, wow there is no way I should have to put up with this. I look at Dylan, waiting for him to defend me or say something, anything.

What does he say!?

“She looked different back then.”

I stood up and walked away.

“Where you goin’ goth girl? Where you goin’?” Ok, I am so not goth. I just shook my head and kept walking. Little did I know that I now have a train of people following me. Dylan’s girl and her two sidekicks, then Dylan and his friends and then Parker and Min.

I look behind me and see Parker run up to the bartender. She must have told him that she thought I was going to get my ass kicked or something.

“Michelle, stop! Leave it alone Mich, let’s just go.”

“What? I need to talk to the bitch is all. Clarify things.”

I get to the back by the bar there were tons of people, so I had to kind of squeeze my way past all these dudes. I knew there was security by the door now, so I was trying to get past the pool tables and arcade and head towards the exit.

I work my way around everybody only to slam into someone shooting pool. Guess who it was I bumped into?

That’s right.


All Up in the Air

Life is never certain
It's won the gold in unpredictable.
Curiously we have no control 
except in the decisions we make,
what choices we chose and all the in between.
We make hundreds of choices a day,
each leads us to a different path; big or small,
dangerous or safe, long or short.
Those who choose to let others make decisions for them;
these are the weak, these are the fearful.
Those who look outside themselves for the answers;
these are the meek, these are the powerless.
For power resides in us all.
It's up to us to recognize it and use it wisely,
use it strongly,
use it faithfully.
We are life and experience,
with or without pain, sadness,
or euphoria.
Wake up, be mindful.
Don't fall into a pit of slack and robotic habit.
Don't waste time on the frivolous or the unconcerned.
Don't let the power slip away. 

Be you.

Self Publishing – Amazon Preview


I received some exciting news this past week. I was offered the position of Self Publishing Facilitator at my job for the remaining time left on our Espresso book machine’s contract. Its a short temporary position, where I’ll be able to help authors achieve their goal of self publishing on the Espresso machine.

However, since our book machine’s time is almost at an end, I’m also going to be helping authors by showing them other ways to self publish, which could include but is not limited to CreateSpace, Ibooks, Wattpad and even how to use WordPress as a platform to market their books. If you have any tried and tested way of self publishing, please share them in the comments!

But I thought the best way to do so would be to experience it myself with one of my stories. I am already well versed in all that is Wattpad, but I wanted to give the Amazon route a try and see if I can get my book purchased and perhaps a bit more circulated.

The first step was to create an account on CreateSpace and then set up a preview of the book I hope to publish. I had enough space to preview my first chapter, along with a picture, the title and a description of the book. You also get to ask 5 questions that readers can answer or rate about your Preview.

I chose my story Jonas and the Mermaid Curse. My preview is ON CREATESPACE HERE. Please, if you have a few moments, check it out and give me a rating. I’d love to hear what you think. I’ll be working on getting my manuscript up to snuff over the next few months and have it published before the end of the summer.

Thanks all and have a fantastic day!

Part Two – The Watch – HGTTG Fanfiction

As mentioned, there are certain perks that come with being President of the Universe. One was that Zaphod could go on vacation whenever he wanted to. Zaphod found that he never missed anything important because he really wasn’t responsible for anything. He never had to make decisions regarding policies or programs, events or casual dinners, or even Universal Laws. He never had to spend hours in meetings or on Council trying to convince certain races to do certain things. He found it quite peculiar that all he was expected to do was to sign papers and make appearances.

Zaphod appeared at several annual, bi-annual, monthly, weekly, daily and bi-daily events in and around the Universe. He portatraveled immensely, and found he quite often enjoyed the parties and the pizzazz involved at his appearances.

He had one such elaborate appearance coming up at the end of the week on Discworld. It was Great A’Tuin Day, and in honour of the Great A’Tuin, the President of the Universe was invited to give a speech about the wonders of Discworld; the Star Turtle itself and the Cori Celesti – the home of Discworld’s gods.

Zaphod had been to Discworld several times and still didn’t know much about its politics. But he didn’t have to worry because he never wrote his own speeches.

Now anyone who is anyone would be flying out to the annual celebration at the Unseen University. Not just to celebrate Great A’tuin Day, but word had also spread that the Monks of History would be unveiling the new and improved Darwin’s Watch at the event. The watch was still named in honour of Charles Darwin, whose theories of the evolution of species influenced the invention of the ground breaking space elevator. It was constructed to become the one and only truly accurate clock. It had the ability to stop and alter time by allowing its user to travel through a time-rip which could only be created as the user fell over the edge of Disworld. By doing this, they would get close enough to the Great A’tuin to activate the watches components to time travel while spontaneously collecting bits of time itself.

The watch itself was small and had been kept under constant surveillance in Unseen University by the Monks. Students from all over Discworld wanted to study its mechanics and to philosophize about its misuse. Though thorough testing with the device had never occurred, the Monks were anxious to unveil the new watch, to finally be recognized in their tedious efforts to collect and store time for the greater good.

Discworld was Zaphod’s chance. He had finally visualized what he needed to do to retrieve his memory and find out why he hated being President of the Universe. He knew that he could not be the one to retrieve the Darwin’s Watch to travel back in time. If his present self had any contact with his past self, he would create a paradox that would disrupt the balance between space and time in their current dimension, therefore immobilizing him in the past forever. He knew it had to be Marvin. Marvin was Zaphod’s Hail Mary.

Marvin would be the perfect partner in crime. Wasn’t he always complaining he had no responsibility? Marvin may not be able to blend in too well, but he would be the least likely suspect to pose a threat to the safety of the watch. All Zaphod had to do was get them both close enough to Darwin’s Watch and then create enough of a distraction for Marvin to grab the watch and boot it to the edge of the Discworld.

“That’s 4354 feet. What do you think I’m made of, weather resistant carbon alloy? Oh why bother, there’s a 89 percent chance I’ll be terminated before I leave the ground.”

Zaphod almost squealed to himself at his pure genius. He wasn’t quite sure what kind of distraction he would make, but it didn’t matter. The wheels had begun to turn. Marvin should be able to bypass any security measures at the Unseen University. Zaphod could install thrusters right to Marvin’s ankles that could easily bypass the brick walls that surrounded the University. His only obstacle may be the wizards, if they caught on in time.

“Just make sure you get the watch fastened to yourself somehow Marvin. Then when you find me in the past, I’ll tell you all about the future. Then you just hustle back here and fill me in on my plan.”

“I don’t really see the point of this, sir. There’s nothing wrong with hating your job. Everybody hates their job. I hate my job. The watch probably even hates its job. There’s no use trying to change things.” Marvin sighed. He was not looking forward to leaving the comforts of his home. He didn’t think Zaphod was even of average intelligence, why should he care to do as he was asked? But his coding overruled any fabricated emotion that fuelled his ruminations. Zaphod would program him to carry out his mission whether he wanted to or not.

“I’ll always be just a pawn, never adding up to much. My life equation equals a fraction below zero. I never have any fun. And why should I?”

“Oh Marvin, you’re such a hoot!” Zaphod just laughed again and shook his friend in excitement. He was beginning to see it all clearly now. It was almost if he had known what to do all along.