Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Katie Flynn and I’m a Canadian writer, wife, mother, pagan and library service ninja.

As a freelance writer and copyeditor, I’ve helped shaped website’s into enticing copy content and sold hundreds of articles through sites like Upwork.com

As a novelist and poet, I’m on a journey towards the publishing world, but am still learning the ins and outs of the Writing Market.

I enjoy writing fantasy, horror, science fiction and non-fiction stories.

My high school journal The Grunge Girl Diaries has a popular readership on Wattpad, where I’ve also published the featured fantasy novel Valterra: The Primordial Series. Currently I’m researching and writing/re-writing several stories when time permits. I find with my schedule it’s a slow process.

However, you can check out all the stories I’ve published on Wattpad by checking out my Wattpad profile.

The purpose of this blog is to share my work and my journey towards publication and to get to know all of you, the readers, while meeting new colleagues and making friends along the way.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Katie, saw you had followed my blog so decided to investigate yours…your writing genre seems very close to mine so really looking forward to reading more. Neat portfolio too, freelancing and copy editing…the former I’ve thought about but no idea where to start 🤔

    Thanks so much for the follow 🙃


    • Hi Gary 🙂 I enjoyed what I read so far on your page. Thanks for checking out my site. I first started freelancing on a website called Elance which was absorbed by a company called Upwork. Upwork is a nice platform though, you simply have to register and create a profile and then start applying for jobs! Right now I have an on-going client who is a Psychic Medium and she gets me to write her blog posts for her business website a couple times a week. But I’ve done lots of copywriting for various sites. It’s easy work and if you get a good reputation as a freelancer you can get paid well. You should look into it! Nice to meet you though, hope to read more of your work in the future 🙂 Thanks for following back!

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      • Thanks for that…might look into it…good to pick up via a recommendation from an actual user rather than diving in somewhere I’ve never heard of. My writing is pretty new, well blogging it is. Only started in January and most of my posts are parts of various book projects. Looking forward to more exchanges in the future..in the meantime have a fabulous weekend 🙃

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      • It’s fun to freelance. My only advice is to not take on more than you can handle. Try to stick with one or two clients at a time. When you first start there will be people throwing jobs at you left and right for 1c a word. Hold off for the good offers and don’t sell yourself too short in proposals. Good luck, have a wonderful weekend!

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      • Again sound advice. Especially not taking too much on at once. I am very unmindful on that one sometimes and have to teach myself the word ‘no’ 🤔 Thanks for the tips 🙃


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